Son of a Gun Just Dropped

Son of a GunOh hey now, what’s this? Another Grade 1/Level 1 Concert Band piece for all your needs? And what, you thought that I wouldn’t follow through with naming each and every single one of my Grade 1 band pieces after the chapters of The Hateful Eight?

You are greatly mistaken, my friend.


Here it is, part two in a saga of…Grade 1 band works, although this time I’ve teamed up with my Blue Dot Collective™ colleagues in which we’re (almost) all dropping Grade 1 band (and orchestra) pieces today.

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composer FAIL #105


Today is the first day of classes, so while I hope all the technology in the classroom works and that it’s okay to not have hard-copies of the syllabus available to my students (the printer in my office is way low in toner), I can look at a photo of this magical flourless chocolate cake and/or this screenshot of a rejection letter. You choose.

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