Composer FAIL #99

David Ludwig’s cat.

I received yet another rejection letter from the Fromm Music Foundation, and I am wondering if this is because they saw my previous Composer FAIL.


Or could it be I don’t really fit in with this crowd?


Anyway, back to your regularly-scheduled content.


I am a naaaaaaaasty woman


Here is a quick note to say that I am beyond proud and honored to count so many women as my friends and colleagues. Unfortunately I did not march (it was audition weekend, but then I ended up catching a cold that left me bedridden), but man, what a day.

My composer friend Marie Incontrera probably expressed my sentiment best:


I am not marching today. I am not protesting today. My entire existence, for the next four years, is resistance. My art, my survival.

Amen sister.

(More on this later, once I’ve finished my next piece.)

Composer FAIL #98


Here is a submission into the Composer FAIL category where I’m not sure if this is a FAIL or WIN, so I’ll let you guys decide.

Dulciana Vocal Ensemble had a Call for Scores.

“Emerging female composers are invited to submit works for unaccompanied upper voices for inclusion in Dulciana Vocal Ensemble’s second ♀concert. Selected works will be performed alongside pieces by Estonian composer Galina Grigorjeva, and recordings will be provided to the composers. Successful pieces will show a good understanding of writing for the idiom, and display an original, creative compositional voice.”

So I submitted Prisoner of Conscience.


Since this was a call for female composer scores, I went with a pseudonym that was equally fantastic and amazing as Captain Hammer.


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2016 Year in Review (according to Instagram)


Happy 2017 everyone! Hopefully this year will be better than the last (I know a few of us believe 2016 was absolutely horrid), but maybe some good came out of the past year? Maybe?

For funsies I thought I’d do one of those Best Nine Collages and see what the Internet thought were my best pictorial moments in my life.

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